I am Marie-Michèle, a nursing assistant for several years. I have had the chance to work in various healthcare settings, including 2020 exclusively in maternity and paediatrics. I made the big decision to make a living from my passion, THE CHILDREN !! This is a project that I have nurtured for a long time and that I have finally put together. A service that I would have liked to benefit from, to help me in my daily life with my 2 incredible children, 3 and 8 years old. A service that does GOOD.

I am a unique, unconventional person, but above all a woman with the desire to make a difference in people's lives. For all these reasons, I chose to start a business that looks like me and that allows me to provide exceptional quality care, to match my clients. Care that comes from the heart and that is done with passion and dedication.

Les Relevailles de Marie is a business, but above all, it is a great wave of love and gentleness that settles in your home. A great wave of calm, back to basics and great respect for each family that I accompany.


My mission is to make the great journey of motherhood enjoyable for the whole family and make everyday life easier so that newborns, as well as mothers, are as comfortable as possible in this suddenly reshaped environment.


Many new mothers are worried about the mess they find themselves in following the baby's arrival. The vision and the main objective of our services is to totally change the perception of the new mother. We want them to be reassured about the workload that will increase with the arrival of the baby. With our impeccable services, new mothers and babies are absolutely reassured, relaxed and above all, happy.


Strengthen the bond between a mother and her child.We understand the importance of the life changing situation of a future mother and do everything in our power to make the mother and baby feel comfortable.

We think it is very difficult for a mother to give her baby to someone else. This is why we organize a free consultation with our nursing assistant so that both parties can get to know each other and be transparent about each other's services and needs.

We believe that happiness is found in simplicity. We apply this principle to all areas of our care and personal lives.