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No matter the kind of situation you as a mother or an overall family are in, be it after or before the baby arrives, I am all you need to take care of you, your newborn baby and your home.

My services


  • 3 hours
  • With a nursing assistant
  • At your home
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The Relevailles
of Marie

(0-3 months)
Blocks of hours:
  • 3 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 8 hours
  • Full night

Respite &

(3 months and more)
Blocks of hours:
  • 3 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 8 hours
  • Full night

My Offer

My expertise lies in in-home services for your family and infants

Postpartum Care

The first twelve weeks of postpartum are filled with new emotions, love and care and so doing laundry and scheduling is not what you are worrying about these days. Let me handle these small complications on these toughest yet the sweetest of days while you spend time adjusting with your newborn baby. I will help you around the things that new babies require and guide you through the small yet complicated techniques.

Baby Care

I am all up taking care and looking after your baby. I am a fully skilful nurse who is experienced and trained in physical, emotional and social development of an infant. Through my guidance, your baby can reach milestones through productively playing, exercising, feeding and sleeping.

Full Night Care

I am what's best for your baby and so I am always up at night to look at him and help in peaceful and smooth sleep. I understand how tiring it can be to become a mother and with tons of responsibilities on your shoulder as a mother, I am here to share them so you can have a peaceful sleep. Our overnight infant caregiver has impeccable skills on making a baby sleep for long by timely feeding and changing.

Breastfeeding help

What new mothers always get to hear is that breastfeeding is instinctive and natural and according to them there is not much learning and guidance required over the subject. However, in reality, new mothers often come under the peer pressure of these people and end up in a difficult and complex situation and often drive themselves to an extent that they become a victim of depression from thinking that they are not doing everything in the right way. In such an unclear situation, I am a lactation specialist who will help you out by guiding you over every little detail that is required to be considered.

In-Home Care During COVID-19

At Les relevailles de Marie, I strictly follow and abide by the rules set in days of COVID-19 for caregivers. It goes above and beyond these guidelines to ensure the safety and health of you, your family as well as your infant.

I believe the safest surrounding for your newborn is your home and so I believe it's more important than ever to make your home the safest place for your baby by following all the guidelines and rules beyond those.

What you should expect from me :

Washing hands instantly upon entering the house

Wiping and sanitizing all common areas of the house

New gloves for each diaper change

What my Clientele Say
About my Services

I don’t seriously know how to thank you, Marie-Michèle for her impeccably seamless services. She helped me kick start by setting a great routine for my child which helped me majorly. She was honest and loyal with her services as when there was no work required by my baby, she used to help me with the laundry and even folding clothes even. Thanks so much for your amazing services!

Oh my god i don't even know how to thank Marie-Michèle for always being there by my side always and not leaving me for once. My second pregnancy was made so much easier just because of her presence and helping hands there. It was a great experience, thanks a lot!

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